Facebook lets publishers contact "likers"


This is creepy Facebook Lets Publishers Contact “Likers" reports allfacebook.com

This is the second step of Facebook providing all pages on the internet with the same tools that all Facebook Pages have. For example, let’s say you “like” this article. I will be able to send a news feed story to all Facebook users who liked that page. The impact of this is significant. Imagine the ability for any object that you like to be able to communicate with you directly through the news feed. In other words, all webpages on the internet immediately have become two-way communication channels.

Ironically, 1,233 people "liked" that article.

Here's Facebooks developers post:

Publishing to Connected Users via Graph API

We encourage websites with objects that people may want to more permanently connect with, such as a brand or product, to publish relevant updates to its connected users. For example, publish a special offer to users who have liked a specific product. Simply add a few Open Graph tags to your Web page and click on the Admin Link (only visible to admins) to use the Publisher.

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