Facebook Russian Roulette game - would you bet your virtual life?

This is so brilliant my jaw is still in my lap. Russian Standard Vodka are the pretend-sponsors of this spec game Russian Roulette where you can lose your virtual life - ie; Facebook account. The looser has his or her account wiped from facebook, while the winners enter the draw for a real trip to Russia (in real life, not on facebook). This idea was created by Miami Ad School students Ilya Malyanov (AD) and Christian Feist (CW) - and I for one think it's a real shame it doesn't actually exist yet. God knows it would bring a whole new level to 'facerape' (when you mess with your friends facebook accounts if they leave themselves logged in).

Russian Facebook Roulette from Ilya Malyanov on Vimeo.

And yes, I see that the facebook death function of this is very similar to the Cannes Lions winning Whopper Sacrifice - but it's not ready for Badland yet (this 'kills' you, not 'killing' your friends).

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