Fake vw gti fast on ebay


Fake vw gti fast on ebay


There's a fake fast on ebay offered by some guy in new york. He says it's a prototype. Check it out and pay me money.
eBay link



Not really. The end was just a joke. Didn't realize what I write posts directly to the site. And besides why does a poster need to have credibility when the link obviously justifies the post?

I think that thespunker probably is referring to the eBay bid-poster, as adgrunts don't have "ratings" just a posting history.

I'm sorry the appearance on the front page caught you by surprise, I thought that all them words on the submission page above the form were enough of an explanation as to what happens when one submits. Apparently, I was wrong.

Is that a pinata? Because I think people will want to beat it.

Wow, a poster with zero rating, sounds credible.

aye. perhaps danielleeshapiro is the eBay poster, and that is what the cryptic "give me money" line at the end there means? ie: "please buy my fake vw widget"?

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