The Fashion Shack: U.S. (2010)

Hey, y'all. Get ready to feast your eyes on the wonderland that is South Carolina-based used-clothing store The Fashion Shack. Hat tip to mate @coolsideburns for bringing it to our attention.

We have bad acting, high school AV graphics circa 1993, the nearly illegible phone number that appears for a split second, and what we can all assume to be unlicensed music by famous performer.

Let's all be honest here: With a bigger budget, a twitter tie in, and a deodorant or beer logo on top, the ad world would most likely consider this to be an ironic piece of genius.

Sure, the The Fashion Shack's site won't win any lions any time soon, but compared to the spot it looks almost downright professional. Facebook button included.

And speaking of Facebook, they haven't been on long, but they're making good use of it already. In addition to weekly sales there are an interesting number of posts from the store to its customers and vice versa. This one is from the Easley location store to a customer with photo attached to it:

New reigning Miss Easley Teen, Allison Hale. Won her competition wearing clothes from the Easley Fashion Shack. Way to go Allison!

And this one from a customer to the store:

It's been a while since I was there but Were coming to your store Monday. My child is 7 and I've all ways bought legginess's . She has 1 pair of Jean's and she's ready to start wearing them all the time..She has Spinal Bifidia and I always went for comfort..I guess.. We live tight with our money but the last time I was there you had friendly people there and some GREAT DEALS... Cant Waite to see what you have this time...

That's a little different than a big brand getting its twitter followers to say something stupid for the chance of a follow back.

What's the word for it? Oh, right. It's genuine.

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    Jason's party must've rocked.

    Apr 30, 2012
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    OMG it was hardcore. I'm still recovering.

    Apr 30, 2012