faux absolut ad gains fame for brand

Adage tells the story of a faux absolut ads claim to fame. The ad which depicts Jason Lewis in the buff with a strategically placed Absolut bottle was shown on the show Sex in the City. Since then Absolut has been flooded with callers asking for a copy of the faux ad.

The ad appeared on a New York bus stop, but its appearance within the show as a Times Square billboard was added digitally. Sex and the City message boards on the HBO Web site were full of folks -- male and female -- asking for copies of the "Absolut Hunk" image.

The adage article is here and has a larger version of the poster on their site to view.

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    He looks a lot like Marcus Schenkenberg.

    Aug 04, 2003
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    In the suit, Mr. Lewis said Absolut put the photo on the Web and on the day the episode aired issued an Internet press release that referred to Mr. Lewis as the "Absolut Hunk," explained how to make an "Absolut Hunk" cocktail and promoted the fake ad as genuine.
    According to the suit, many Web sites indicated that the photo of a near-naked Mr. Lewis was provided courtesy of Absolut and "did not indicate that the photo was taken from a fictitious advertisement."

    His problem is with the websites using the image (quite possibly without any form of permission) and not indicating that the ad is a fake then isn't it? He should sue them - all Absolut releases I saw at the time pointed out loud and clear that this was a one-off sex in the city spoof. I could be wrong though, but this just doesn't sound right.

    Jun 08, 2004