fcuking 'ell.

Judge Huw Daniel has dismissed a juror at Mold Crown Court in North Wales for wearing one of French Connection's "FCUK" T-shirts in court the Telegraph reports.

FCUKs cheeky slogan was created by TBWA (the 'b' does not stand for 'Beattie') in London 1997 when Trevor Beattie by lucky coincidence spotted faxes that had been sent from the company's Hong Kong office marked "FCHK to FCUK".

The problem is that we are becoming increasingly unshockable - French Connection's slogan T-shirts and accessories have lost their impact. The real question that this week's court case has raised is not why FCUK is so shocking, but why on earth a juror turned up in court wearing something as informal as a T-shirt.

bunch a slobs, aye?

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