Feminist party PR stunt: burning 100,000 kronor literally

Studio Total, the advertising and design collective in Malmö, have created a bit of attention for the Feminist Party FI during the traditional week of pre-election political debates in Almedalen Sweden. Tomas Mazetti and Per Eriksson from Studio Total handed over 100,000 kronor to Gudrun Schyman, the FI party leader, for her to do what she wanted with. What did she do?
She burned 100,000 kronor on a BBQ. Her point?

One hundred thousand kronor is what women lose in pay every minute, with the current gender-paygap. There's a difference between seventy million kronor kronor per year in mens and women's salaries.

Since Tomas Mazetti and Per Eriksson actually helped her grill some of that money, methinks this outstanding stunt is the brainchild of Studio Total, even if the money donated is their own personal and taxed stash. Well done guys, Gudrun Schyman and FI are all over the national newspapers today. Had the money not been burned Tomas and Per might have bought themselves a sailboat. Now instead, they've bought a piece of the political debate this fall.

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