Festis unbores mornings with fun news gathering app


Festis are still on a mission to unbore everything, as they're already unbored grandpa and relationships; they're now onto mornings. Yes, those dreadful mornings where you stumble like a zombie out of bed in the gray morning light and sigh at your bowl of cereal while trying to find any decent coffee. At Unbore mornings you can download an app for your phone, that scans the globe for headlines about the latest fun you missed out on when you were sleeping. Wake up reading the gossip rags or C|Span highlights, whatever floats your boat, see what your facebook friends talked about during the night, and mornings will no longer be boring. That's the idea, anyway.

Full Credits
Agency: Åkestam Holst, Stockholm
Client: Carlsberg Sweden
Creative Director: Martin Cedergren
Art Director: Petra Albrektsson
Copywriter: Joakim Labraaten
Design: Oscar Gardö, Karin Mårtensson, Linda McAllister, Kristoffer Larberg
Other team members: Alex Picha, Ida Tenggren, Jerker Winther, Nicolas Hasselstrom
Production company: It´s Showtime

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