A few new buttons you should steal!


A few new buttons you should steal!

If you are a technorati addict, like so many webheads, you will have noticed that they are going through a patch of growing pains. Major growing pains. It is to be expected after getting linked from Salon articles and Washington post (hat tip media culpa) as some kind of rudimentary trackback, an idea pioneered by BoingBoing. But they also added new toys, like the currently in BETA Blog Finder which disappointingly hasn't found this blog, or other age old adblogs under the topic of advertising yet, despite many emailed suggestions and form-filling on the Technorati site these past two weeks. It just hit me that Technorati might be the victim of too much hype, so I reckon it''s time to hype all the other guys as well.... ;) Or maybe I just wanted to make some buttons.

So, let me introduce the buttons that I've made and will be (if I haven't already) submitted to the by now giant archive of Taylor's Steal these buttons. Like Taylor, I think you should steal them, it's more fun if more people get to use them - but please host them on your own server, do not hotlink.

stumble toolbar I swear by this toolbar toy, and like a drunken fool I made two buttons - one was crooked. My mistake is still visable on taylor's steal these buttons webpage where one is crooked and the other straight. Woopsie.

Other blog directories:
Intelliseek's blogpulse has shaped up nicely, the automated day-by-day harvest of weblogs for frequent key phrases and linkage is current and has a wide spread. Compare trends here.

Blogdigger is an RSS Search Engine, and comes in a neat toolbar for those of you who, uhm, dig that sort of thing. ;)

findory .....is about personalizing information they say. The deal is that your history dictates what you find in the future, it narrows down searches on your interests based on what you have found interesting. Of course it keeps tracks of thousands of blogs.

Ice Rocket! The undervalued Ice Rocket features a blog search, a PHP script based link tracker that you can put on your website, and a blogs trend tool that tracks word clusters (or brands if that's your poison) mentions over time.

Blogsnow I'm being cheeky here, as I always read it "blogsnow" since way back when the page was all white and the newest top links would slowly fall down the front page. An ambitious project, Blogs Now was written by Andreas Wacker when Blogdex wasn't fast enough for him.

Knuff! Svensk bloggletare. The Swedish blogospheres answer to Technorati, "knuff" (literally: "Nudge") is a nudge in the right direction. Here you'll find a list of the most discussed newspaper articles, the most common wordclusters and a search of the Swedish blogosphere.

Daypop, tracks thousands of blogs and updates every hour - has "word bursts" and "news bursts" and the top 40 most popular links.. All searchable all the time.

technocrati rank. Technorati, once the winner in this race is having a bit of growing pains at the mo'. Don't count'em out just yet.

blogdex rank. Blogdex is another classic, begun as a MIT Media Lab project in 2001 and is still going.


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Re: A few new buttons you should steal!

Oh wow.. Google is getting in on the game with Google Blog Search. Try it out here at blogsearch.google.com. I won't be making any buttons for that tho, I'm all buttoned out today.

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