Firebrand Burns Out.


Firebrand Burns Out.

Stuart Elliot reports that "Firebrand Burns Out". Basically, they ran out of money. With the sums they were spending, I'm not surprised; "Firebrand was led by John A. Lack, a veteran of television networks like MTV, and Román Viñoly. Mr. Lack said last September that the company would spend $30 million by the time the television version of Firebrand began on Ion."

A spokesman for NBC Universal, Cory Shields, said on Tuesday afternoon, “we are not putting any additional capital into the company.”

Mr. Shields responded to a question from a reporter who was told by an executive of Firebrand that the company had shut down, effective immediately. The executive was not authorized to discuss the status of the company and as such declined to be identified.

Next time kids, you might want to ask for some advice from the gal who has outlived ads.com and now firebrand.com. Here's some for free: don't waste money on WoM people who comment spam. Mmmkay?



I got a feeling during the one episode I tried to watch, when they called in the Dell Dude to help fill up the hour along with their chesty-chatter gals and their small handful of ads, that they were in trouble.

But good news for URL squatters showing up a bit late to the game - As of 8:30am CST, firebland.com was still available!

I knew they were in trouble the first time I spent two minutes loading a flash page.

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