First female Yeoman Warder in 522 years - Beefeater's gin has to use this.

If Beefeater's Gin doesn't make a girl-targeted femme version of their classic dry this year in honor of Moira Cameron, the first female beefeater in 522 years (or is it a thousand? Depends on who you ask.) their marketing department officially sucks. I mean c'mon, how girl power can you get? Re-do the logo with some more curves and do a limited edition, or do a special pre-mixed gin-drink that the Scottish lass herself might like and steal some Smirnoff and Bacardi market shares in the alcopop area. There are countless things one could do. Hell, this is too good to pass up, just do something! P.S. James Burrough, I'm a freelance gun for hire. Smooches.

Plucky Miss Cameron: 'I'm very lucky'
Can't you just see her be the lass to adorn a thousand bottles?

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