first your fortune, now your Tokitos




first your fortune, now your Tokitos

Mark Hughes, CEO Of Buzzmarketing, conquered the adspace of fortune cookies, and now he wants to advertise inside Tokitos UPI reports.

Tokitos are a mexican dessert cookie, hint of cinnamon and crunchy, and much like it's chinese counterpart, perfect for carrying small notes.

With this technique, Hughes has been attempting to achieve a culinary intersection between cookie and commerce. For example, a Buzzmarketing fortune cookie with a proverb reading "Patience is the best remedy for every trouble" may also read on the back "Win a Job to Die For at".

Hughes said "its simple math -- how many direct mail pieces get delivered and never opened? I was searching for a one-to-one ratio."

I admit, I open fortune cookies, and force myself to eat a small piece of them, only to read the sometimes hilarious fortunes. I don't know if I will ever do it again once I meet a fortune-cookie-ad.


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