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Since we're talking about ads in schools, here's a little story from another campus. Illinios state University has an ad-littering problem. Chalked slogans and duct taped signs are against school policy, because they cannot be washed away with the rain and are hard to clean up, even the Town of Normal has found posters on light polls, buildings and stop signs. Still the campus is covered each morning with slogans and flyers from bars nearby in Bloomington.

"We talked with the downtown bars a year ago about it and the taped signs have continued," Vice President of Student Affairs Helen Mamarchev said. "We have recently talked to the bars again and they gave their word the advertising would stop, but they are still around."

"We could spend a lot more time making the campus look nice if we did not spend so much time everyday cleaning up the advertisements from the bars," Director of Ground Operations Mike O'Grady said.

Unpaid media space - which actually isn't media space - is costing the school a lot of money. The Town of Normal has found posters on light polls, buildings and stop signs. Yes stop signs.

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  • tlevitz's picture

    One town's litter is another person's treasure...

    Posting flyers is a grand, grand tradition. Nothing says university town like every available surface being papered. I still have a bunch of band flyers from my college days. I snagged them from telephone poles and whatnot because the raw design was that cool. I still live in that college town and noticed that the flyers are no more and that the place looks sterile without them.

    However, we just designed one for a big local bar's upcoming event and delivered 1000 of them to the client yesterday. I'm eager to see where they'll end up.

    Oct 23, 2003
  • AnonymousCoward's picture
    AnonymousCoward (not verified)

    HEY!! That's my old college!!
    Go Redbirds!!

    Oct 23, 2003

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