Fonzie jumps the fail whale.


Fonzie jumps the fail whale.

CurrentTV mock twitter again, the second installment of their twouble with twitters by Super_Josh is now up, adding a dash of Fonzie jumping the fail whale, in the same leatherjacket, yellow floater and blue shorts he wore when he jumped the shark. Nice touch.

Also, our pals at adfreak tip us that Current used twitter to ask for The Agency RFP, and found themselves deluged with RT's and @messages long after they had announced a list of agencies considered. :))



Twitter is a giant wank... I went on it for one day and realized it was for tossers with nothing better to do. Ashton my arse! Ask... Did you get my fucking book yet??? All my emails keep getting bounced back. Bet you're wasting your time on Twitter! email me before the "beskadroppa" runs out.

Once again, my email got bounced back... Here's what I wrote...

Don't Facebook or Twitter any more... Too many douchenozzles out there
scamming etc... Glad you like the book...
Do a review on AdLand and/or Amazon, and I'll promote the shit out of
what I once described as the best fucking AdBlog in the universe...
AdScam being number two. How are you doing these days with the fucked
up economy? I was in the UK in Feb... Pretty bad.
Not that the US is much better.
You never did tell me how to spell "Beskadroppa."
Although maybe I have it right... Probably not.


You really need to get a better provider, one that doesn't allow spam to clog the internet and thus never gets blacklisted by I keep telling you, by supporting spam-hosts you are supporting spam, and I know you don't want to do that.

I'm so going to do a reviview, I need to finish it first, it's very good so far.

Twitter, in my view, is somewhat limited.

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