Footwear Info redesigned for all shoe shoppers


Footwear Info redesigned for all shoe shoppers


I hate to say this... but Sears aint your dad's tool store anymore. I've been reading several articles about how Sears and its sister company Kmart has amped up his offerings.

Hell - Glamour Magazine wrote a story about it. A little surprising since I only think of tools and hardware. One effort they did that caught my eye (thanks to a PR birdy) is their Footwear microsite (

The Shoe Experience Website is a 450-brand emporium that it will push through social marketing efforts.

Sears hopes its microsite, hosted by fashion stylist Francesca Mills as well as three other bloggers who are experts in parenting, work force and fitness, will blend the feeling of blogs, social media and commerce.

So basically, it's a central hub that houses blogs, youtube videos, Q&A and twitter streams from their shoe experts. The navigation is still really confusing and hard to really see if they really sell 450 brands of shoes. The bloggers are hot, though.


Hmm. Been seeing a lot of this kind of action, blogger+brand+video+social-media toolsies microsite lately. Like you say though, the end result can get very confusing. When it works though, it's not a bad idea.

yea. I like how Sears is trying to revamp their image, but their shopping navigation is confusing. I get frustrated and give up.

Heh, I really wanted to have a peek but being a lowly foreign IP (I presume that is why) I get redirected to and that's just like a blue amazon page of sorts.

oh no! heeh its a cool looking site. just a bit confusing and I can't complain. the girl bloggers are cute. I'm sure the ladies will like their fitness and workforce expert.

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