Forbes money mag wants ads for free.

You've been a poor starving artist all through your mucho expensive education and portfolio schools on top of that, selling pints of bodily fluids to afford your markers, pantone books, and leatherclad portfolios. Surely you don't expect to get paid now do you? No nonono, that's not how it works, not in the business where you pay to get to be one of the 12 working at w+k, and most dogyears of unpaid internships/placement actually lasts a dogs year, you know better than that by now you low ranking t-shirt clad creative.

Forbes buscontest "offers you the chance to design your own online ad campaign based on the current bus advertisements." (yeah kid, stick to the goddamm brief!) but on the bright side, you finally get to eat as the grand prize is dinner for six at the famous Forbes Townhouse. And you get to bring your agency! Ain't that sweet?

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