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    Actually, that is a very wise business move on Ford's part, considering that the christians control about 20% of America's market, and gay people only control about 2%.

    Dec 06, 2005
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    I think it's a rather wise decision, quite frankly. I mean, seriously: what self respecting gay man would drive a Ford in the first place?

    A Jaguar, maybe...(which is owned by Ford)

    But a Ford Focus? Or Pickup truck? (Okay, maybe the guys from BrokeBack Mountain would drive a Ford Pickup...but they're an anomaly, anyway...)

    Oh, and the AFA? Well fuck them. I think Ford is just using them as an excuse to get out of such an obtuse media buy!

    Dec 06, 2005
  • onlyjane's picture

    Ahh - - - the magic of mystical statistics. . . . but, what percent of America's market are gay-Christian-people?!. . . Wait . . . so only Christians buy Fords?! . . . WAIT . . . so who's controlling the other 78% of America's market? . . . mmm?
    Amazing how statistics can eradicate 78% of the real thinking that 78-pecenters - err, I mean people - do.
    If you fit in that category.
    I'm in the special 2. Probably. But does gay include lesbian? Because all I’m reading here are commentaries about the tastes and motoring habits of gay men . . . There's not a motorbike in sight . . .

    And this brings me to my bone of advertising contention:
    How "gay” is used as a homogenizing category; simply lumping together gay men and lesbian women based on a shared sense of mutual disgust.
    But lesbians are gay people too.

    And we buy things, car things. Pretty things, like those-sexy-pussy-cats that come with gleaming Jags.
    And ugly things too. In fact, there is a strange but oh-so prevalent taste in lesbian-land for trucks. BIG TRUCKS. Grr. And muscle cars. And speed cars. And motor bikes. And Mustangs. And Harley's - (shit, Ford-?)

    Hail the mighty focus group.
    Advertising insights?


    Oct 28, 2006

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