Forget the Super Bowl for a moment, Google just got the best ad when Obama uses G+ to hangout


For three point two million dollars you can get thirty seconds of air time nationally during the Super Bowl. For nothing you can get the POTUS having a chat and answering a few of the questions more than 225,000 people submitted to the

Yes, it's a tech based town hall of sorts. Google kinda just pwned the world.

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  • @Brentwgraham's picture
    @Brentwgraham (not verified)

    While it's neat. It really only captures those already using google+. And from the looks of it, the White House seemed to max out at ~900 +1s... I'm not sure if that's a really huge win.

    While I like Google+ more than FB. I just don't see activity on it that compares to FB.

    Not to forget, Obama has done town hall styled videos with FB too.

    Jan 31, 2012
  • AntDude's picture
    AntDude (not verified)

    I prefer Muppets in Google+ TV ad.

    Jan 31, 2012

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