forum improvement


forum improvement

hey adgrunts. The forum's are back online, quirks have been fixed, and features have been added - feel free to try it out.

nice feature: if you are keen in knowing the nano-second someone replies to any post in your favorite section, you can edit your settings so that you subscribe to the forum. Any new messages will be emailed to you - to the email you registered with and got your password to.

also new : the 'latest links' box on the left shows the latest added links to the adlinks database. Don't forget you can add your portfolio pages there - and your agency.

while i'm in repair-mode, an adgrunt asked if we couldn't possibly build a gallery of sorts where adgrunts could show off their portfolios. Maybe have voting for the best one, et al. While I like the idea a lot, i'd like to hear from other adgrunts as well if they want one, as it's kind of a big job and I'd like to know someone will use it before i build it. In the meantime you may flaunt your portfolio's and ask for opinion/help while building them in a new forum. also - I made a latest ad links out box here on the left - where you can add yours in one click. have fun!

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