Fox News Channel junkie buys billboard

Spratlin from Tunnel Hill, Ga, loves Fox news so much he promotes it on billboards.

"I like it 10 times better than CNN," said Dot Adams of nearby Chattanooga, Tenn. "On CNN, I've always felt like they doctored up the news. They're Democrats, you can tell it.

Spratlin paid a few thousand dollars to advertise on the billboard behind him. It reads "Thank God for the Fox News Channel".
Spratlin said to The State that he had been waiting all his life for a news channel Like Fox.

"They get to the meat of it, and they give you both sides and let you make up your own mind," he said. "I don't always agree, but I like it when I hear it from them.".

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hahahahhaha please. FOX News is so slanted towards the Republicans it is sickening. Both sides my arse!

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Thats why they call it Faux news.

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I guess he decided to go with "God" because "Mephistopheles" wouldn't fit nice on the first line without reducing the type.

Fox News is the devil. "Fair and balanced" my arse.

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"... they give you both sides and let you make up your own mind ..."

Is this guy for real?! I heard the news anchor describe a non-convicted criminal as a rat. Both sides?! Make up your own mind?! Hardly ...

Fox News should be renamed Fastfood News. It's all pre-chewed and with very little variety.