Frank Lowe names agency Red Brick Road

Set to open on March 1st at 50-54 Beak Street in Soho, London, Frank Lowe and his team have decided on a name for their agency.

Inspired by a discussion with a 19-year-old teacher from London about the route that Dorothy chose not to journey down in The Wizard of Oz. The agency will be called the Red Brick Road.

Meanwhile, the agency is still working on recruiting. Last week, they offered jobs to 25 staff who could become redundant at Lowe London when Tesco leaves. They also have been working on courting partners for the agency as well.

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  • CopyWhore's picture

    Great name for an agency...trouble is, it's far too literary for today's advertising and marketing ilk!

    Jan 30, 2006
  • LPikon's picture

    Well, I just hope for his sake, that unlike Dorothy, customers will choose to follow him down the Red Brick Road.
    I have to say, that while Frank has made a big move, it'd be nice to assume that he has already, or plans to get other clients on board. God knows it'll take a while to bed-in Tesco, and while it'll pay the bills, it's never good from a fiscal nor creative viewpoint to run a 'one client' show for too long.

    Jan 31, 2006
  • Dabitch's picture

    Ok, this is frickin' heee-larious. Lowe ain't the first Red Brick Road. belongs to a maketing company in.. Kansas! I'm not making this shit up.

    Feb 02, 2006
  • caffeinegoddess's picture

    hahaha. Well, just goes to prove that nothing in advertising is original anymore. Not even the names of the agencies themselves. ;)

    Feb 02, 2006

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