Fred + Farid launch Publicis-backed creative shop


Fred + Farid launch Publicis-backed creative shop


According to Brand Republic, the French duo are looking to challenge other mid-sized creative shops like Mother.

Actually, Mother was the only agency specifically named.

Maybe it's Freudian.

BrandRepublic article.

Award-winning creative directors Frederic Raillard and Farid Mokart are to launch a new creative hot shop, backed by Publicis Groupe, to take on the likes of mid-sized independents like Mother.


Hahaha, I love it. They are award-winning "creative directors". What on earth is wrong with simply being a creative team these days?

Veeeery interestiiing. Wonder what clients they'll get.

It's refreshing to see creative guys taking the reigns! The only sad thing about is that it's Publicis-backed...Seems huge corporate backing is the only way to make a go of boutique shop nowadays... Ah well.

Surely we'll see Marcel's work in Cannes 2006!

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