The French: Good at Cheese, Wine, AIDS PSAs


The French: Good at Cheese, Wine, AIDS PSAs


Those Frenchies are at it again, using their relaxed European sensibility to create a humorous, engaging, and actually rather moving AIDS awareness ad campaign to promote safe sex. Emphasizing the importance of condom use while embracing and, these ads manage to make their point while entertaining viewers. Wordlessly set to a punk-rock soundtrack, the human heart’s search for “the right fit” parallels those touchingly awkward moments, hilariously depicted here, which can accompany safe sex. But the message is clear, as stated at the end: “live long enough to find happiness.”

It’s shown in a positive light, safe sex equated with an ultimate payoff of personal happiness. Definitely not safe for work, these ads would probably never be released for an American market. If AIDS awareness ads were this much fun in the states, their target audiences might be inclined to watch and even send along to friends. What better use for viral marketing?

Check out the straight version and the gay version, both posted here on shedwa. Enjoy!


I uploaded the straight version to YouTube three weeks ago and they promptly "permanently suspended" me citing "inappropriate content". Then I noticed the very same vid was already up on YouTube and had been for a year (71,000 views). They apologised and un-suspended me and promptly took down the oh-so-naughty AIDS Campaign video. American double-standards in full swing? We all know YouTube is awash in porn and violent videos. But we can't have animated sex can we.

Could it be you were suspended because it's "copyrighted content"? It does say that you're not supposed to upload stuff that ain't yours, even though 99% of youtube users do.

If they Suspended people for uploading copyrighted material a third of the content (maybe more) would be wiped out. If they had a problem with the copyright on a PSA (and fair enough) why did they leave a copy of the same vid up for over a year? Nah...somebody has flagged it. Can't have simulated sex on YouTube - you can have everything else, including, I just noticed, Full Frontal childbirth vids. They "suspended" me for 3 infringements "Avatar Kama Sutra" (very funny), "17 year old Kurdish Girl Stoned to Death" (alright it was gruesome and graphic but there are now copies up on YouBoob and in mainstream media) and the final straw for them was this AIDS PSA.

Yeah, if they suspended people for copyright violations they'd have nearly nothing there really. But they don't trawl their own site looking for violations (AFAIK), they rely on users/people to flag things. I picture legal interns spending their days searching youtube for Viacom content to flag. ;)

Full frontal childbirth videos sound like the users own content. Gross as it may be.

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