Frontline: the Persuaders


The The Persuaders from PBS Frontline is now available to watch online. 90 minutes in either RealPlayer or Windows media format.

In "The Persuaders," FRONTLINE explores how the cultures of marketing and advertising have come to influence not only what Americans buy, but also how they view themselves and the world around them. The 90-minute documentary draws on a range of experts and observers of the advertising/marketing world, to examine how, in the words of one on-camera commentator, "the principal of democracy yields to the practice of demography," as highly customized messages are delivered to a smaller segment of the market.

They also have a page of links to articles and things mentioned in the show.

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    A response to 'The Persuaders' posted at Brand New:

    ......."First, we need to stop the madness of producing communication plans that are predicated on 'surrounding the consumer'. Rather than producing 360 degree, surround sound plans we need to focus on building a dialog with people in the three degrees of their lives where the brand is, or may be, most relevant. We need to start from the premise that communication, and advertising in particular, is an intrusion in people's daily lives. Rather than producing more and more wallpaper (often with eyesore patterns) we need to think about how we can, as my old boss used to say, reward the consumer with a gift for taking some of their valuable time."

    Nov 15, 2004

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