Fun with Foster's, decapitation by waterfowl.

Foster's are imposing a self-ban, and voluntarily decided not to show their latest Foster's Lager commercial before 9pm as it apparantly gave children nightmares.

The commercial masquerading as a wildlife documentary, shows a reporter having his head bitten off by a pelican, with the tagline "don't lose your head". When it aired it immediately got 15 complaints to the Independent Television Commission.MediaGuardian reports.

This is not the first time Foster's have been in trouble over this campaign, their last ad got over 180 complaints, but was "cleared of bad taste" RealBeer reports.

Most of the 186 complainants said they were startled by the ad and found it in bad taste, while some parents said their children were upset when it was screened during the film Jurassic Park.

The commercial shows "Big Doug" making a bungee jump from a crane above a river, only to have a crocodile lunge at him, apparently biting his head off as he hits the water. It ends with the voice-over: "New Foster's hit tap. Don't lose your head."

Viewers complained that the camcorder style used made them believe it was real. However, the ITC said it was clearly humorous, and Jurassic Park included much more graphic and gory scenes. carries the Bungy jump ad - you'll need Flash 6 installed.

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