Gatorade asks what the hardest part of being an athlete is. Gets response "wood"

Gatorade's facebook account has made the mistake of asking a serious question to their audience of... Well I'm guessing they're made up of jocks and bros... and allowing said jocks and bros to suggest answers to the serious question.

"The hardest part of being an athlete is _________." Yes. Welcome to the wall full of "my dick", "dickbutt", "your mom", "being white", and the ever popular "using a chopper gunner". Because everyone knows that what this guy does in warzones is a sport, and so is playing Call of Duty. I break a sweat doing it, okay? I need Gatorade to replenish. Also "Shooting up Colorado" was one of the suggestions, so I think the Gatorade team might need to "replenish" their social media team come Monday. You all in trouble.

Some of the choice replies at Gatorade Questions, for your giggling pleasure. And because I don't expect them to last - NSFanyone and certainly not brands.

Using a chopper gunner
Your Mom
.. I'm not an athlete...
maintaining good grades
Banging chicks
Finding the energy to get up & walk to the fridge
Deeze nuts
Doctor Who
Your Teammates
Dissapointing your fans
Playing for the Bobcats
Having Sex
Sabotage-ing the other team
When you're a lazy fuck
Black Anal Destruction. #EatDatButtNiqqa!
Beating you underage girlfriend
Fuck Kyle
My Dick
The Bitchs
Moving on to a different team
bad teammates
Lifting, bro
The After
Not getting played and your the best person on the team
The Internet
Making ridiculous answers to this failed attempt at being a serious question
idk drugs
Being White in a black mans sport
Trying to fuck the all bitches on my jock
Having the Confidence
Making the right comment to every question
No Drugs
Nothing cause we boss
Being black
Becoming one
The before
The work
Balancing grades
Sports and school
The guilt of missing a workout
The sex after it
Shooting Up Colorado
The pay, as for most, there is none.
Sweating Like HELL
Warming up
Getting wood
Being a Bench Warmer
Giving all you have!
Winning Every Game
Tearing your achilles
The failures and defeats
NBA Buzz

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Comments (3)

  • Kat Smith's picture
    Kat Smith (not verified)

    Dickbutt, idk drugs, deeze nuts are some personal favorites. Also, Fuck Kyle. Seriously, that guy makes it so hard to be an athlete.

    Jul 30, 2012
  • kidsleepy's picture

    Seems like the moderators are busy at work removing the jokey ones....

    Jul 30, 2012
  • Dabitch's picture

    Holy moly Update!!! they got rid of "Shooting up Colorado" but left up "chopper gunner" and "Black Anal Destruction. #EatDatButtNiqqa!" - Are you for seriouses, person who handles Gatorades Facebook account? RLY?

    Jul 30, 2012