Geoffrey Roche leaves Lowe Roche


Someone needs to get a new domain, geoffreyrocheisahack needs to change to geoffreyrocheisahacker as ClickEric reports that Lowe Roche loses the Roche (as Geoffrey Roche Steps Down). He's going to work full time for poolhouse, a web based app/media company he started with his son Alexandre Roche back in -07.

Geoffrey Roche’s impact on advertising is long and varied. He has worked with an impressive roster of clients from Audi, Nestle’s Purina, Miele, and Knorr. Geoffrey Roche is a unique individual who has never been afraid to speak his mind, is known to have a distinctive style, and won a shelf of creative awards. He has mentored many people who have not only gone on to have great careers in the industry but who have also become leaders in their own right.

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