Giant Eyeball Cannes Gossip


Giant Eyeball Cannes Gossip


Do the giant eyeballs seen at the Saatchi Young Directors Conferance in Cannes have anything to do with the cryptic link Cannesinvaders that adgrunt mogamoto posted to the forums yesterday? If so, what are we getting ready for? The conferance was yesterday, right? Anyone here know?


All I could find on Saatchi hosting a forum/conference was the New Director's Showcase (on the Cannes schedule of events). *shrug*

Yeah they do that every year nes pas? :) I was hoping that mogamoto might be able to share some more info.

Anyway, I dig the giant eyeballs. However I'm not putting my email addy in on any site that gives me no information other than "coming soon....".

Do they have anything to do with the MTV eyedolls? :)

Doesn't appear to. There's a bit on it over at Adage's Cannes coverage with images of the eyeball stunt. Still, doesn't explain the website. :/

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