Gillette does the world's biggest shave on Roger Federer's giant head


Everyone who has ever worked with Federer knows he is literally Mr Nice Guy™, and doesn't have a big head at all. Here his image was painted onto grass, then lathered up, then shaved. Yeah, uhm.. well if you want to break records, why not? The birds who saw it might need a shave.

High precision grooming on a grand scale. Gillette created and then shaved a giant image of tennis ace Roger Federer in a field in London.
The 2,800 square metre environmentally friendly image was created using 100% biodegradable green specialist grass paint. A 1,000 litres of biodegradable and non-toxic foam was then used to lubricate the high precision shave.
Executed by Street Advertising Services, shot by John Pereira, produced by the ten group.

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