GM backpedals when bike ad backfires

The ad above, which loks like it was conceived in 1992 by a team who still think that ponytails on men are hot, a male bicyclist hides his face so that the pretty lady in the car next to him won't see him. Forget that bikes are a great way to stay fit (and a great excuse to show off your - ahem - assets, guys), cheap and easy. In GM-adland you will only get laid if you have a car. Still. hates it "GM blunders on to Campus" and says:

In one of the more remarkably ill-conceived car ad campaigns of all time, good corporate citizen GM is heading to campus to actively stop you from riding a bike by trying to make it look like it sucks. Obviously it’s been a while since GM execs and their creative teams set foot on campus. shows how Giant Bicycles piles on with their own spoof of the ad.

And since this is an ad that pokes a little fun at men on bikes, which got complaints from men with bikes, GM decided to pull it right quick. Congratulations, now we've accomplished absolutely nothing except giving GM some free publicity. Woo!