KY Jelly the Cannes Gold winner that never was?

KY Lubricant - Gold winner or not?
DPZ Propaganda, Brazil won gold in cannes with this poster.

cannes lions later withdrew the Gold.

The Festival organisers announced today the withdrawal of the two Gold Lions attributed to DPZ Propaganda of Brazil in the Press and Cyber categories for the K Y Jelly ads of Johnson & Johnson.
The Brazilian press drew the attention to the organisers on the fact that to the best of their knowledge DPZ Propaganda could not enter such work for a client handled by another agency.
After a thorough check conducted by O Estado De S Paulo, the official Brazilian Representative of the Festival, it was concluded that DPZ's top management was caught by surprise on this issue. It seems that a junior creative of the Rio de Janeiro office took a regretful initiative when entering inappropriately these ads.

Does this ad deserve a goal if only for the chutzpah it was entered with?

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I've noticed that links and funny images on the web tend to re-appear in two-year cycles. Seriously!

This ad is now hot stuff over at here at Adrants, and Boing Boing. It was hot stuff back in 2002 as well. :)

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Even though there's no tits in it? ;)

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Wow, he's really got his finger on the pulse.

;) /sarcasm