Good ol' fashioned Cola Wars

For years there's been the battle between Pepsi and Coca-Cola. Last year we got bombarded by Britney Spears (and soon Beyonce Knowles) hawking Pepsi. Now get ready for Coke to fight back and try to take back the youth market. Starting during the "American Music Awards" on ABC, Coke will break the first of more than a dozen new spots. The concept behind these new spots is Coke (not the sniffing kind) celebrities in their "real" life.

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The new spots star Penelope Cruz and Courteney Cox Arquette (and hubby David) and singer Mya. "All of the commercials close with variations of the new tagline, “Coca-Cola...Real,” a reference to the soft drink’s classic slogan, “The Real thing.” Other commercials focus on regular people caught in “bonding” moments. In “Science,” two young men sharing useless trivia meet two cute girls near a Coke machine.

The ads were carefully tested with consumers who want brands to be “genuine, authentic and real,” Chris Lowe, chief marketing officer of Coca-Cola North America said in a statement."

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