Goodby, Silverstein's first tweet; Got semicolon?


Goodby, Silverstein's first tweet; Got semicolon?


Goodby Silverstein and Partners have entered the twitterverse, at @gsp . This of course brings on the pressure, what should their first tweet be? While Rich and Jeff stare at the empty tweet-box they realize the whole thing needs a redesign and rope in some creatives to help 'em fix it. Alas, even that goes badly in this skit.

"Ugly.... I'm not even sure what that is...." -Rich
"There are a lot of words to choose from. I just think you've picked the wrong ones." -Jeff
"It's very European. What's with the penises?" -Rich

....until Jeff finally resorts to "Got tweet". Nice mocking of ones own ubiquitous tagline. I always liked "got milk", it was an answer to the visual problem presented and as such, flippin' perfect, until some fool decided it should also be applied to the mustache milk campaign, where it has no business being. Lots of people have misunderstood how to use that line, as evident in the milking got milk site, where everything from antibiotics to fish are sold with a "got" in front of it. Gaaaah!
The mustache campaign has been badlanded once too, as there was a mustache campaign in Sweden selling yogurt in the same manner many moons before it.


They didn't have a twitter account until now???

Nope. Their first tweet the 20th of May was Got tweet?" and this film.

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