GOSS wins Sweden's best agency of the year


GOSS wins Sweden's best agency of the year


I would like to thank the academy.. No, wait.. The biggest ad-gossip-hound in Sweden Researcher for the tip that Goss reklambyrå just won ad agency of the year in Sweden. Like, five minutes ago. So while those happy little lards get all hammered as you can clearly see here we must also say congrats to the runners up. Whomever they are. ;P (duh, Researcher has the dish!)


I once worked for the Swedish "agency of the year" many moons ago, and our reward was getting to use the sauna that was usually reserved for the "senior" staff.  The only other timer I had been invited there was after the kräftor party at 4am when I was the only girl left in the building.  ;-)

Hey, I was there that night at 4 in the morning and my recollection is that you enjoyed yourself!!!  And yes, you were the only girl, and you loved it.

This thread is worthless without pictures. ;P

... especially from that night (morning ) in the sauana... ;=>

"Remember, no matter where you go... There you are." (Buckaroo Banzai).

Gee, I'm glad that Ost has you listed as a buddy, otherwise, there could be vast recriminations!!!!
"Remember, no matter where you go... There you are." (Buckaroo Banzai).

Ost and I were married once, so there are plenty of recriminations as well as pictures.  :-) 

See, this is why I insist we must get more females in the creative department around here. ;)

Goss won in the middle-weight class. In the Goliath-class the not-that-famous agency Fältman&Malmén won. And in the feather-weighters Hummingbird got the table. And in the web-category Deasign did the run up. PR-price was earned by the somewhat strange "ethical" agency Westander. And so on.


But it still feel great to publish the news before the mag that do put up the event... 

The SBB competition is a joke. Could we please bury.  

That's pretty tough talk coming from the Devil.  :-) I don't know, it prompted some very funny and interesting comments here, so it was well worth it for that if for nothing else.  

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