Got PMS? Get Milk. Ads aimed at men to promote women drinking more milk.

The new Milk campaign that is all about helping men cope with PMS from Goodby Silverstein and Partners risks being read as sexist drivel, rather than a fun new twist on getting women to drink more milk. From a guys point of view Everything I do is wrong might be funny, but from a gals, it's a tired old joke that wasn't funny to begin with. And we're the actual target market here.

There are lots of reasons women should be drinking more milk than they do, our risk for developing brittle bones is just one. New studies show that more calcium and vitamin D helps against PMS, and as we all know milk, flour and even margarine is artificially fortified with vitamin D. Since it's artificial anyway, you might as well buy pills or eat salmon, eel, mackerel, tuna, sardines and eggs where you'll find natural vitamin D.

Jeff Goodby tells The New York Times that his 'own small focus group' thinks it's funny.

Mr. Goodby was reminded of some criticism six years ago of the "Milk to the Rescue" commercial as sexist.
"I wish I could say everybody's got a sense of humor since then,"he says.
The subject is "for many people an uneasy one to bring up, not fit for public discussion," he adds. "When I tell female friends and relatives we're doing a campaign on this, they go, 'Uh, uh, are you sure?' "
But "my own small focus group has endorsed it," Mr. Goodby says. "They've seen the work and they say it's funny."
"Hopefully, we've done this in a way that's fun and effective," he adds, "enabling people who don't discuss or think about it to discuss or think about it."

The campaign won't end at just posters and a flash based retro website. They'll also have comedy shows! Will they get Wanda Sykes talking about her detachable pussy? It's the only way they can save this thing. There's a line where jokes are funny, and where they are not. This campaign just isn't. The lines are tired, unoriginal and ... yeah, kinda sexist guys. I'm saying "guys" because I'll bet 100 dollars on there not being a single woman on the creative team. While I like the idea of aiming at the person target market lives with, rather than the target itself, I wonder who really buys the milk in the average American home, and what about the single & gay women? Who will buy their milk? Their brothers? This isn't a campaign that makes a joke with the target, it's pissing the target off, and this makes very little sense to me. Dang, and I used to love the GSP Milk campaigns too.

The campaign will also include activities with stunts, PMS-themed comedy shows and experiential booths throughout California. James says the stunts -- in L.A. and one in Sacramento -- mimic political rallies where men and couples will talk about PMS and carry signs that say thinks like "I'm sorry I read between the wrong lines," and "Let's both agree to disagree with me."

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    Tellingly I'm so bored with it I can't even write a decent post about it....

    Jul 13, 2011

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