GPN matches producers worldwide with production worldwide.

LOS ANGELES: Making location shoots of the world more accessible to filmmakers everywhere, Global Production Network (GPN) executives announced the official launch of their company Thursday march 18th.

GPN, founded by Harry Tracosas, is dedicated to representing top-tier production service companies worldwide with more than 40 on its current roster. You may remember Tracosas underwater footage work from his Walk On Water Productions.

Tracosas, an experienced filmmaker with more than 17 years in the production industry, recognized a growing need to assist foreign and domestic companies connect with credible service providers around the globe: "As the world increasingly becomes the "backlot" for film and spot producers, finding the perfect foreign location and local talent for each shoot has become a logistical boondoggle," says Tracosas. "GPN's mission is to make this search easier. If Merchant Ivory wants to shoot in Morocco, Miramax in Chile or Moxie Pictures in Milan, GPN can help."

Although GPN's main regions of representation are traditional (e.g. Western Europe, South Africa, Australia, North America and Canada), GPN believes greater growth and production potential will be found in the emerging production regions of Eastern Europe, South America, India, South Korea, China and countries within the borders of the former Soviet Republic.

"GPN has extensive information about locales in emerging markets that have not yet been fully utilized by filmmakers, but have all the amenities a pressured production needs today," says Tracosas. "GPN's most important function is to coordinate productions in locations where producers will get the most value for their dollar or yen, or pound or ruble."

"Those parties that utilize our services extend beyond the United States. Production companies in Russia wanting to shoot in
Argentina, companies in Japan wanting to shoot in Prague, these have been GPN's most recent assignments. This level of
interest in our services validates GPN's business philosophy from the outset."

As far as production in the U.S. is concerned, Tracosas notes GPN will be promoting foreign business to shoot the streets of New York, the beaches of Florida and the landmarks of Hollywood.

"The street can go both ways," says Tracosas.

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