Greek man gets 2 million kronor in damages for being on "Turkish Yoghurt"

The greek man Minas Karatzoglis who found that his image was on the "Turkish Yoghurt" packaging in Sweden and promptly filed suit for 50 million kronor has agreed to a conciliation. Lindahls Mejeri will pay him 2 million Swedish kronor, to avoid a process in Greece.

Anders Lindahl, the MD of Lindahls Mejeri, where the Turkish Yogurt is their bestseller, says to aftonbladet;

We believe that we've done the right thing the whole way through. We bought the image from a stock image company, and paid for it. The money that we're giving to Minas Karatzoglis now we will demand back from the stock image company.

A lesson to learn from this is, stock image photos are not cheap.

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