Thank you, dear deep throat at Grey for sending is this super weird homage to Sinhead:

"Nothing Compares To 2"

- Grey is moving their creative offices to the second floor.

No more skyline views and cushy offices for Grey NYC's creative department. Creative Director Tor Myhren gets them ready for the move to CubicleLand on the second floor.

Oh my god, is that lipgloss on Tor? It is! He's wearing lipgloss to perfect the Sinhead homage! You have to love that!

I want to work for a creative director this crazy. The most "daring" thing my current one ever does is wear a pink tie. *sigh*

Grey NYC

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  • Dabitch's picture

    I swear to god this makes me want to start a Tor Myhren fan club. Who's with me?

    Dec 03, 2007
  • payote's picture

    Does this make anyone want to work at Grey?

    Dec 04, 2007
  • Dabitch's picture

    Hells yes! I want a CD with this kind of crazy baked in! But I'd rather he didn't wear the gloss every day. I'll get too distracted... (it makes Grey sound bad but drab place in combo with nutter CD is totally all good. Compare great place with bad CD = all bad.)

    Dec 04, 2007
  •'s picture

    Very, very daring, I must say. Can't say I could handle the entire thing, though.

    Dec 07, 2007
  • smizzly_bob's picture

    That was a fantastic song, but is he really wearing lipgloss or is that just glare from the light?

    Dec 07, 2007
  • Ich Liebe's picture
    Ich Liebe (not verified)

    Is he available for parties?

    Sep 14, 2015

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