Groupon: "Medical sedatives are no match for the world's greatest sleep aid: depression."

Groupon are trying their best to do a Woot-funny quirky tone of voice still, but just like their superbowl ads, which were pulled off the air, their twitter jokes are offending a whole bunch of people. The joke:

Medical sedatives are no match for the world's greatest sleep aid: depression.

had people complaining in the comments (and by extension, on their facebook pages - propelling the negative reaction) about Groupon's jokes at once. It has now been removed.

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  • fairuse's picture

    I would like to know what is wrong with people. How can someone mistake a blatant joke book style of writing for medical advice. Gadzooks, is half the so called educated populace stupid.

    Oh, the very last one about your dreams showing up when you don't sleep for longer than your body can tolerate is based in fact - sleep depravation hallucinations. Been there!

    My 2-cents.

    Mar 15, 2011

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