The Guardians colourful campaign by W+K, UK, previously Olvietti ads?

Man, that recent campaign for The Guardian is just yummy looking isn't it? But have we seen it before...? Oh we might have..........

To the left a Poster by G. Pintori for the Olivetti Tetractys calculator created 1956 and to the right spring 2007 w+k campaign for the Guardian.

Via seven colors who got it via acejet170 who got it via beeker somehow and that's enough via's for this post - of course the whole thing can be found on

Well, since the above arrow-ad seems to nod heavily at an old Olivetti design, I've just decided that my favorite in the Guardian campaign is the volume control one. I just adore how this campaign looks, intentional homage, brainsync, plagarism or not. I don't care, just keep those pastel-yummy colours coming, ya hear?

This one was the one which first caught my eye though, isn't that just marvelous?

More from G. Pintori for Olivetti because it's so damn drool-worthy.