Gwyneth drinks Martini, for seven million dollars.

Gwyneth Paltrow never drinks, and she adheres to a strict healthy diet.

Yet when a $7 million cheque was waved in her face, she agreed to be the new face of Martini in Australia, provided that the ad will not be seen anywhere else, in particular she doesn't want any of her fans in the UK or USA to see the ad as they are much more aware of her teetotalism.

In this day an age of the net, we're pretty sure the ad will soon appear on the web somewhere. Hypocrite of the year, anyone? Source: Herald Sun

Next time you need money Gwyneth, pawn that Oscar.

update Claymore points out that Gwyneth is seen toasting with a glass of Martini in Italy, her image is on the Martini Italy website and on huge scaffolding billboards wearing a 'sultry black dress'.

Oh yeah Gwyneth, your UK and US fans will never see that.