HaidaBucks stares down Starbucks

Starbucks have finally ended their dispute with HaidaBucks. HaidaBucks, a small Canadian coffee shop. is owned by three Haida men and one man married to a Haida woman - hence the name, as they are Haida-Bucks. Geddit?

Joseph Arvay, one of the lawyers acting for HaidaBucks, was also pleased with the outcome. "Starbucks has underestimated these proud young Haida men. Far from rolling over at Starbucks' command, they stood their ground, refusing to make any changes to their name or logo, and rightly so. They stared down the bully and the bully blinked."

For those who can't tell the difference between HaidaBucks and Starbucks HaidaBucks provides a handy chart.

Haida (pronounced Hi-Duh) is not the same as Star
Got that? Let's make sure. Haida -- Star -- Haida -- Star.
See how easy that was? The two words are completely different! How about that?

Somehow appropriate to add this Vietnam Starbucks Remix image found via BoingBoing.

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    AnonymousCoward (not verified)

    I find it offensive that you link to that Vietnam photo. As anyone who has seen the original may agree, it is one of the most disturbing pieces of film that may exist. You disrespect the man who lost his life in that photo by promoting the spread of this poor parody. Regardless of your feelings on Vietnam, Starbucks or any other topic, the murder of a human being is a serious incident. Do not make light of that incident for a small chuckle at the expense of a corporation.

    Feb 19, 2004

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