Happy New Year!


Happy New Year!

Adlands adgrunt admins and serious ad collectors who make this place what it is: Claymore, Caffeinegoddess, Robblink and myself wishes all other adgrunts a happy new year. Eight years ranting about ads on the web and counting!

Here's to a great 2004! *toasting all of you with some bubbly*

Thank you for stopping by, for joining the community, and kudos to all who stood on the soapbox and posted some ad news.

May we all have fun and great luck in 2004.


Cheers! And may all of those looking for work find a job! ;)

oh yeah, amen to that. here's to the economy turning around and the return of big ideas as well as big budget ads (like Cog, only more so hehe!)

Thanks for all your hard work and sacrifices! The service you provide is certainly worth much more than we pay. My subscription is due to end in a couple of days. How do I extend it?


since paypal shut our super adgrunt thingie down, that a good question. :/

I'm working on another solution this week, when real banks are open, to get something up as fast as I can.

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