Hasta La Vista Manuel Battista

What do you do when your ad salesman leaves? Write a song! That's what a group of emap folks did as a goodbye present to Manuel Battista left after 15 years with the company. The song was composed by Andrew Bailey, a collegue and friend of Battista, who also writes stage musicals, has a show broacast by the BBC on primetime television. Since last week the song has gone around the work and Bailey has been interviewed by radio stations as far flung as Melbourne and Scotland.

'Hasta la vista, Manuel Battista' reached No 70 as so many colleagues at publishers Emap logged on to hear it.

Manuel Battista said: "I was gob-smacked. It was a complete surprise - it's a fabulous song! They even put it up on its own website, so the whole world can hear it.

"They managed to summarise 15 years of my life in three verses, make it rhyme and set it to music. I was blown away."

Listen to Hasta La Vista Manuel Battista here.