That hated Microsoft House Party Film, is even hated by Microsoft Sweden.

That by now infamous Microsoft Windows / "house party" ad has had jaws dropping all over the world (and its own 'censored' version' which makes it seem a lot more like a swingers club)... And as it turns out, even Microsoft people hate it.

If you read Stephanie Smitt Lindberg's account on theMicrosoft 7 blog (google translate english), she hates it.
"As an employee of a U.S. company, I am accustomed to the American style of advertising and every now and then it becomes simply a part of culture clash, between how the Swedes are used to seeing advertising, and how it is advertised in the United States. But this film has gone very far in its American style expression. So far, that even Americans themselves have reacted."

She continues saying that it's sad to have to be joining the chorus of critics "But I am proud of Windows 7 and want to be proud of the marketing we do". I hope she likes Kylie better, or any of the Windows 7 college kids ads that I just posted.

It24 asked Stephanie Smitt Lindberg straight out if "the film is for real", like for serious? I bow to your superior journalistic prowess guys.

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