HC gruppen buys Boeing 727 to house agency


HC gruppen buys Boeing 727 to house agency


HC gruppen a full service agency in Århus, Denmark enters the world of crazy offices by buying the retired boeing 727 Lady Patricia to house their agency. Accessories are half the look, so to complete the style they are also building a small scale airport to go with it.

And they say ad people have their heads in the clouds. ;)


I wonder if they'll have single serving foods in the lunch cantina to complete the illusion? :)) Hehehe, and customs!

hahaha. It be amusing for them to have that video of flight safety procedures that they play on the airplanes while taxing before take off playing in their reception area...oooh and passport styled self promo pieces or something.
I think it's a fun idea...but it does seem like a rather expensive endevour...

The ladies in reception should wear fancy stewardess outfits....

wonder if the creatives will be cramped together in small flightseats, row by row? ;)

...and all those creatives will be fighting for laptop space with their Knee Defenders!

hahaha...i *neeed* one of those for my travels!

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