heads up!


heads up!

Heads up to all the regular Super adgrunt crowd - while the dollar is dropping, the costs of running this place are doing the exact opposite.

We'll have to raise the donation price - and possibly switch to currency we pay our bills in. This heads up is so that you regulars can take advantage of the current setup, before the change.

Unscientific poll - How do you feel about euros?

Any input appreciated - the bills we pay are in Danish Kroner, the US Dollars you pay don't make as many Danish Kroner as they used to - and to make matters worse, the costs are going up. Simple math really - there are many many more commercials in the archive these days than when we started two years ago. Extra hard disks cost money youknow. ;)


aw mikemystery, i could kiss yas! *smooch-ew-cooties*! we're having a little vote about it and your input means a lot. Euro makes more sense, since thats what the bills are in.

Euros are great. Im voting for them in the uk if we get the choice. I went to barcelona, via germany (very cheap flight) and had a 1 hour stop off. The ability to buy beer in Frankfurt airport with the same money that i used in Spain was brilliant(i'm easily excited, mind). Ad-rag should join the ERM forthwith...

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