Heise creates "two-click" Facebook like button to avoid traffic tracking. Facebook peeved.

Zdnet reports that German website Heise has created a two-click facebook "like" button. You have to 'slide' the button on before you can click it to like on Facebook, only then will all the facebook tracking scripts be loaded into the page.

In short: if you don’t click anything, Facebook can’t track your visit to Heise.

Unsurprisingly, Facebook didn’t like this change. A spokesperson told the German publication that the way it has implemented the Facebook Like button violates the Facebook Platform Policies, specifically quoting this clause:

8. You must not use or make derivative use of Facebook icons, or use terms for Facebook features and functionality, if such use could confuse users into thinking that the reference is to Facebook features or functionality.

Heise has thus changed the look of its greyed-out Facebook icon. Notice how in the screenshot above, the first image (the default for a Heise article) does not use a Facebook logo, while the second image (after the Facebook Like button is enabled) has the official Facebook logo.

This comes on the heels of a German Privacy group declaring that the facebook like button violates EU privacy laws.

You better believe I'm gonna "Like" this post on Facebook.

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    Typo alert : The "Heise" link broken. First word in the first sentence in the first paragraph. Wow. Would tweet but I am here not there. Below raw URL worked for me.


    All the fussing in external comments shows how badly the users of FB understand what goes on with the "FB like" shit. Oh well, it is time for this cat to update his FB status. Ewww *barfs up a hairball* --- track that Facebook!

    Sep 07, 2011

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