"Hello" project for and about homeless around the world.


"Hello" project for and about homeless around the world.


86 the onions is now looking for photographers around the world to distribute up to 25 Hello-signs each to their neighborhood's homeless and take a picture of each person in their environment holding their oversized nametag, complete with their own handwritten name as part of the Hello project.

We will compile all of the images for an exhibition, website, and a book that will be published, sold, and distributed to relevant press and politicians. Proceeds will go into other projects benefiting the homeless. We encourage you to do the same.



So what's the value prop for the homeless folks to not kick me in the shin, here.

I understand that Hello is going to make a donation to homeless support, but the wiifm for a homeless person I'm going to see tomorrow is going to overrule anything that works for the greater good.

I'm not trying to trash the idea, I just am looking for a suggestion on this...

I alerted the person at 86 the onions about your comment, he'll stop by and reply sometimes during the weekend. (I'm just chatting to not leave you hanging, and, I kinda wondered that myself.)

A valid comment. As you know, there are a number of different types of people on the street. Most of the homeless we have come in contact with, or stories that have come back from the 200 photographers who are currently involved, say that they welcome the idea. Not hearing your name for years at a time strips you of your identity and dignity. Many simply want to be treated with respect and acknowledged as human beings. For them, this project helps do that for them. That is the WIIFM. It gives the individual a voice instead of an orgazination running PSAs that only make people feel guilty and turn away. While it wasn't our intention, and could actually be seen as a negative effect (encouraging panhandling), a few have even reported earning more money with the signs. Everyone knows homelessness is not something that will be solved overnight. This idea is a slow burner. If by learning one person's name changes a another person's perception of the homeless enough to get involved and help one person off the street, then I believe the project is a success. Of course, we're aiming a little higher by trying to give the press a story and a platform for solutions. Cheers. Chad

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