Help the Hill Holiday intern out

There is something odd going on in the comments to the HHblog post Responsibility. What’s Your Policy?...
Doesn't it seem that all those comments gushing with praise seem a tad canned? Mmmaybe? There's certainly something a little stiff about the blog, if! calls Hill Holiday's blogging attempt "all talk and no trousers." and tries to decipher why it is like that.
But back to that intern, adlisters have started a little game testing who can compose (and get posted) "the most unguent* Liberty Mutual tribute." Bonus points for tears welling as at least three commenters have had to hit the kleenex so far. Triple score if anyone in on the game can read it to mean the exact opposite. Post your comment here so we can keep track of the attempts made.

I'm not linking because I don't want them to find the game and spoil our fun.. yet. Just copy and paste into your browser.
* unguent is now slang for "unbelievably smarmy"

* edit: fixed HHCC's link to work now since we've been busted. oh darn. ;)